We are always looking for more people to assist in the work of building God’s Kingdom here in Filton. Can you help?

Running a Parish the size of St Teresa’s calls on many resources both in terms of manpower and finance.

We have a number of Parish Groups at St Teresa’s, and any of them would be happy to receive whatever skills and support you can bring to them. Have a look at our Parish Groups page for more information. In addition, there are many other roles to be played within our church, and you can find out more by visiting our Service page.

The parish has a planned giving campaign coupled with gift aid. We know there are many calls on peoples finances these days and people do give generously and we always value your support. However, if you can, we would ask that you contribute through the envelope scheme, through direct debit, or through standing orders. In this way we can claim back tax from the taxman if you are a tax payer. If you would like to ‘gift aid’ your donations to the parish please take one of the forms available at the back of the Church or e-mail Fr. Tom to request one. Another area for consideration is making a bequest to the parish.

We do thank you most sincerely for your support and generosity.